Ignatius’ Story

I met my fiance when we were in high school. A month before I went to jail I went and bought her a ring.

She knew I didn’t have a job and I got her flowers and she didn’t accept it because she knew where it came from.

At the time I got annoyed but later (I thought), that’s a solid girl.

I won’t blame friends or anything, you know, because it’s all individual choice but just things I saw, things I grew up with… I saw a lot of fights, in a lot of fights there’s a lot of blood, people getting knocked out.

You see that young and you kind of get that desensitized to that stuff.

I really got to think about a lot. Even though I didn’t change instantly when I got out… change was happening.

I think fitness was a major factor in my life that made me change.

I live in (Transitional Housing). I didn’t know how to cook really and when I came here I was on my own. So before I got out they had stuff set up so some guy will come here and give me cooking lessons.

I am a full time tiler currently doing my third year apprenticeship.

I’m studying my Cert III and IV in personal training.

In my spare time I play chess, hang out with my family, hang out with my partner, you know, it brings joy to my life.

Me and my fiance are moving out. We’re already looking for places, that’s what’s kinda ahead.

I haven’t completely made up for it but I really appreciate time now and the things I do.